Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It is not the body's posture, but the heart's attitude that counts when we pray. It is the mind that makes the body....

I was going to post some pictures of Gemma Ward an Lilly Cole, two of my favorite models when I stumbled upon this dark website by accident. It was a pro-ana website. I had never heard of such a thing, or saw something like it, and I was shocked.

Being raised in a mostly black and latin community I grew up believing womanly curves are sexy. Skinny girls were never populair or considered desirable in my neighborhood so this is, although I know of its existence, totally new to me, and it made quite an impression. It felt like I was entering some dark, secret world as I was reading forum posts from anorexic girls on how to suppress hunger and tips on how to loose weight.

I do think terrible disease is fueled by using super skinny girls in all fashionmagazines and commercials. Girls like Gemma Ward and Lilly cole. There are so many young, and insecure girls in the world who feel unpretty because of having to stand at the busstop next to a lifesize pictures of Victoria Beckhams and Nicole Richies. I would like to use this blog as a channel to your livingroom and maybe make you stop for a second and raise awareness for this cause, just as that website made me aware. If you suspect someone you know to have any form of an eating disorder please check out this website. It informs you on how to identify  eating disorders and gives tips on how to help approach someone who you feel is suffering from this disease. "Thinspiration" is not a fase!


Valencia Lia said...

yes yes,such an issue like this is so so scary. And I really hope those girls would see their own beauty and come out of it :)

Clara said...

is interesting to see the interest in the subject. in my country who had thick legs and big ass parameter was always a pretty woman. as they always say "a Brazilian woman." but certainly the influence of models catwalk and magazine covers have influenced the youth of my country.
I particularly wanted to be like one of them: thin, tall and beautiful.
but unfortunately do not have that stereotype. I am small and
I'm not below the ideal weight for my health.
sometimes try to stop eating, but can not because I am weak immunity and I am just sick.
I have left then is to accept the body I have and try to make my own way without needing to be based on the beauty that is preached on billboards, magazines and so on.
* ps: sorry for the errors of agreement, but I'm still in learning English. haha

Anika said...

Wow. This astounds me too because I grew up in Africa. In Africa, thinness is not a freaking life choice. There are no websites promoting this shit. You are thin because you cannot afford to freaking eat. It's ironic that what some want, others would almost sell their soul not to have.

And long live health. Because nothing else matters if you don't have that.

beckyxoxo said...

this issue has been talked so many times before , but still everyone loves the skinnier . pretty sad actually . too skinny is so not healthy . how i wish we live in the world where being fat is great . :)

ELVIA said...

yeah, dark shit like that exists. beware!

well i think it depends on culture. my culture is about curvy is sexy too. but i've been skinny (naturally, not eating disorder or anything) all my life and i'm content w/ it most times. i think people are different and they should do whatever makes them happy as long as it doesn't hurt themselves or others!

i'm pretty pro-skinny but anti-ana! although sometimes i joke and wish that i had an ana friend, just so i could be the fat one for once in my group of friends, lol.

even if there weren't fashion magazines, i think people would still have eating disorders, considering most of the population is overweight. as long as the population grows in size/weight, the idealized woman will be shrinking.

you can't support them, they have to learn on their own and realize they themselves need help! that's always the first step to any bad habit/pattern! x.

ELVIA said...

p.s. there's also people that have a fetish for anas/eating disorders/obesity as well!

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