Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Music is what feelings sound like. Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul...

I usually do not post a lot of musicvideos, I mostly stick to the whole fashion and shopping theme, but this is an exception...
This is for the women, the single women, the strong women, the hurt women, the working mama's, the weary women, as a matter of fact I think all women can relate to these lyrics...
Amel Larrieux, I can honestly say she is my favorite artist. I use the word artist because the way she uses poetry as lyrics, does unusual things with her voice and her sound, she always seem to amaze me. For the record, no, this song isn't about how I feel now lol.
If you like it, listen to my favorite Amel Larrieux songs "Sweet Misery" and especcially "We can be new"  because of the beautifull songtekst..

What is your favorite song??? Let me know!!

Lyrics to Weary :

This woman is growing weary
Of having to be so strong
Of having to pretend I’m made of stone
So I won’t end up with no broken bones
I can’t fight every battle alone

I want someone to lift me
Heal my wounds and give me kisses on my head
Say words that should be said
Fear is not the matter
I would so much rather open up my heart
And lay down my guard

If I could trust someone
To have my back and never do me wrong
Then I would give my love up
Just like that stop singing this soldier song

whomever said love was overrated
must not be getting’ none
my independent days have had their fun
but when the parties over
and the workin’ day is done
I just want to come home to someone

I want a love to take me
As I am not make me compromise myself
Or be like no one else
Fear is not the matter
I would so much rather open up my heart
And just lay down my guard

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