Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have always wanted my colours to sing....

After my latest "heavy posts" I wanted to blog something more light and back to my roots fashion lol.
A couple of days I went to a "theatreshop" called Backstage where they sell amazing make up, wigs, and my love NAILPOLISH!
I looovee nailpolish so much. You will rarely see me without it.
I think a funky colour on your nails can really bring that little extra to an outfit.
An all black look can be topped of and pimped out with an fluorescent yellow to break the black.
My latest conquest are these two colours called Star Gazers, isnt the name fab in its own lol. I especially loovee the yellow one, it is so bright it almost hurts your eyes lol. I love to wear it with grey sequin and mettalics.
What is your favorite brand or colour? And with what colours do you mix it?

Star Gazer Nailpolish €4,95 from "Backstage"


Valencia Lia said...

Ohhhhhh yes yes ! Nail polish,I really love love those 2 colors you bought:)

And sorry for delaying,your gift will be sent out this week !!!

Hildi**** said...

woow i love yxyyourr nailpolishh

ELVIA said...

i love those colors!

my friend got me the bottom shade of color for my birthday last month.
i love the bright neon colors for the same reason as you do. that and it reminds me of club kids in london town. :)

i love nail polish and i buy a few but i don't wear it as much because i do a lot w/ my hands so that nail polish easily chips and/or my fingernails break.

i mostly apply nail polish on my feet so it lasts forever! and i usually apply dark colors on my feet and brighter colors on my hands. xo.

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