Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year!

I am feeling so much joy! These decemberdays make you remember who you love and why you love them so much. Christmas was great, I ate so much food its ridiculous..


My brother, who is a dj, brought these gigantic boxes downstairs and started playing techno music on the streets. It was INSANE, everybody went crazy! Dancing on the streets, drinking champagne, yelling...

Oh and I loved my outfit! I felt soo sexy wearing black leggings and a black, shoulderpad top. The thing with leggings is that they make you feel like you are walking around naked on the streets, dont you think lol. But so comfertable though. Oh and my beyonce-single-ladies-style-ring is my new "Iwannawearwitheverything" dont you love it :D

BTW its almost my bday, joehoeee! 2 Januari I will become 24, time flies doesnt it. But I will mos def post some pictures of this ridiculous, insane, fierce, crazy dress I ordered for my party.

Once again Happy New Year, may all your dreams come true! Treat people like you wanna be treated and let love rule the world :)


Thu Hien Nguyen said...

Alvast gefeliciteerd voor morgen! Enjoy your day

xoxo, thn

Valencia Lia said...

Sure looks like you had such a great time!! I really love oyur outfit with those shouldered top and your accessories:)

Yeahhh,my mom is getting me Raybans wayfarers! Wooooo
Ohhh and Happy Birthday to you gorgeous<3

E said...

WHat a fun NYE! I love the sequins on your shoulders, too!

GiKo said...

Happy New Year!
je ziet er leuk uit, stijl haar staat je ook goed!
Jammer dat ik zaterdag niet kan joinen! too bad.. Looking forward to the photos baby!
see you soon again.

Patty Ann said...

great outfit you have on! i love the shoulders!

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