Thursday, February 25, 2010

To all the hurt, weary and broken women in the world...

Herve Leger A/W 2010 

Do not only treat others the way you want to be treated but also, do not forget to treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.
You are God in a physical body.
You are Spirit in the flesh.
You are Eternal Life expressing itself as YOU.
You are a cosmic being.
You are all power.
You are all wisdom.
You are all intelligence.
You are perfection.
You are magnificent.
You are the creator, and you are creating the creation of You on this planet.
So love yourself enough to be good to you.
Because in the end of the day, nothing is more beautiful on a woman than a smile and peacefull mind.


thischicksgotstyle said...

zooo mooi!

lillian said...

mooie blog desi!!

E said...

I'm totally drooling over that last dress in particular.

Jonesy said...

cute blog : ) I'm a new follower.

Check out my blog too when you have a chance : )

Kim said...

Gorgeous. :)
It lifted my mood last night, even if just a bit. ;)

Posh said...

Prachtige jurkjes!

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

Thanks for posting, love all of those looks, especially the first! We'll definitely be back, come follow us if you fancy! Have a fab weekend, woop! xxx

Anonymous said...

love it x rose

Phuong said...

I love herve leger! <3

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