Monday, September 7, 2009

A lust for the eye, a joy to the heart, a stab in your billfold...

While drooling over I decided to put some of my favorite items up. In two days  I will find out if I won the lottery so why not start shopping... lol

Jimmy Choo, york leather motorcycle boots €875;
These boots are to die for... Just looking for a slightly less expencive type lol
Alexander mcQueen, knuckle duster clutch €935;
Isnt this the coolest clutch ever, I love the mettalic oily kinda colour, and the rings attached are genius!
Dannijo silver plated ring €79,37;
I love this ring it's so massive and artsy, I like artsy :D
Mulberry, bayswater grain leather bag €650;
I have a thing for the classic style of a Mulberry bag, they are just timeless and so wearable...
Mulberry, Mable zipped leather gloves €230;
These gloves are gorgeous, so simple but so sophisticated, love the colour
Jimmy Choo, Biker suede leather boots €793.68;
So I would literally stop eating for a month if that means I could go order these boots...Jimmy Choo blows my mind with this collection...

What's your favorite? Post links!

1 comment:

GK said...

I like the Alexander mcQueen, knuckle duster clutch.

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